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U Got 2 Want 2 is a registered trademark of Fresh Start Sports and Mentoring, Inc.


Fresh Start Sports and Mentoring, Inc was founded in 1986 and is the premier sports placement consulting firm.  We work with all sports and our focus is on assisting student-athletes and families;

  1. Understand the Recruiting Process
  2. Explore second chance opportunities when eligible
  3. Body and Mind fitness and strength training ages 8 and Up 
  4. Mentoring and Motivation (and a bit of the hard truth)


Message from our Founder 

Hello.  Welcome to U Got 2 Want 2, the slogan and motivation of Fresh Start Sports and Mentoring, Inc. is Kenneth Rogers . I am more than just an intense trainer and personality on the hit reality TV show "Bringing Up Ballers". I am a nationally revered life fitness and motivational coach/speaker with unmatched entrepreneurial and business experience. It is that rare combination which makes me one of the most highly respected and sought after motivational speakers and fitness gurus. I have numerous clients among NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA athletes, with several high ranking executives mixed in as well. Amongst these elite athletes I have mentored and trained include the great 2x NBA All-Defensive all-star and sixteen-year pro-Derrick McKey, former Miami Heat all-star and 3x NBA championship assistant coach Keith Askins, ten-year pro and first-time ballot NFL Hall of Famer Corey Dillon. Included is a litany of up-and-coming high school and collegiate athletes deriving from every sport in exceptionally selective and competitive institutions like the University of Michigan, University of Alabama, and the University of Georgia to name a few.  

Before founding Fresh Start Sports Mentoring Inc. with the goal to excel and develop an athlete's level of play, I was - and still, am - an athlete. I started my athletic career as a record-breaking running back in high school at Northside HS in Samantha, Alabama. After high school, I went on to play football and graduate from Mississippi State University with a minor in psychology. I went on to play in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and also the USFL with the Jacksonville Bulls.

Throughout my athletic career, I learned various coaching methods and styles from some of the most influential coaches, trainers, and mentors. Through successfully compiling different teaching techniques and developing a knack of his own, I have become a nationally-known and respected figure in the world of sports.

I bring raw passion and high intensity to every training session. And unlike some reality shows—what you see is what you get. The Coach Ken on the screen— is the same Coach Ken when the cameras are not rolling. Being an athlete myself and having played at every level from high school to professional, I have been on the other side of motivating and coaching for many years, so I truly understand what it takes to bring out the best in someone. I truly understand how to overcome adversity. I truly understand how to make it to the next level.

Aside from my athletic training, I have a family with my wife, Muneerah, two highly motivated adult sons (Marcus and Justin) and my extremely well loving dog, Lyra.


Coach Ken Rogers Founder of Fresh Start Sports and Mentoring, Inc Chicago, IL



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